Neoprene Sauna Pants
Neoprene Sauna Pants
Neoprene Sauna Pants
Neoprene Sauna Pants

Neoprene Sauna Pants

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Are those top muffins and flabby thighs haunting you?

Is hitting the gym, not your jam and you’re looking for ways to slim down without it?

These Neoprene Pants are your best bet!

Designed to make you sweat and melt away excess fat while you go about your daily chores. Just throw it on and forget about it. You will be burning calories while walking around, grocery shopping, and running errands.

Comfortable fabric with hook-and-eye closures for a custom fit. This means, you can adjust the pants for the amount of tightness YOU want. And if you can add a few barbells to your daily routine, you’ll be burning fat like CRAZY!

In a nutshell, with this on, you’ll be losing fat as long as you’re not sitting idle!

Wear the neoprene pants for 3 hours every day and burn a stonking 477 calories! Isn’t it AWESOME?

  • Turns up Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) so you keep losing fat even after you have stopped running around
  • An ideal choice for any type of low to medium impact workout
  • Gets you in shape without having to go the extra mile
  • Can be worn under the dress for instant sculpting

Q : How these pants help you lose weight?

A : First and foremost, sweating is thought to boost weight loss. Yes, you may lose water weight during a session that will inevitably come right back, but because your body is working so hard to cool you down, you're also using a lot of energy and burning calories, which contributes to more permanent weight loss.

Q : Are they comfortable?

A : They feel really comfortable, because they are pretty elastic and thin, not like that hard and thick material other neoprene pants have.

Q : How do you wash them?

A : Either hand wash or machine wash, but we don't recommend using hot water when you wash them.

Q : Do they have the neoprene material only on the abdomen area?

A : No, they have this material all over from top to bottom.

Q : What is the difference between the ones with the hooks and the other ones?

A : The ones with the hooks offer much more compression on the abdomen, compressing the fat and evenly distributing it, giving you a slimmer look.

Q : I have placed an order but I want to change some details.

A : Just drop us an email with the issue and the order number at: and we will respond as soon as possible. Usually you will receive an answer in maximum 1 hour.